Make Money Online From the NFL Throwback Jerseys!

The 2009 season sees the NFL delve even more into the throwback jerseys, and you can make money from this story, read to find out how…

The NFL teams have always had the throwback jerseys to wear on occasion, to celebrate milestones in the clubs’ histories. Of course it helps the merchandise income too, as fans have to have the latest gear, including the throwback jerseys. It’s a classic marketing technique to inject a sales boost. For the 2009 season though, it’s the 50th anniversary of the AFL, so there are throwback jerseys all over the place.

The Denver Broncos wore a particularly garish mustard yellow with stripey socks, and in their game against new England, the Patriots also wore throwbacks. The *refs* even wore red and white old style jerseys, and when you add in the pink touches for breast cancer awareness, and the colours were in danger of overshadowing what was a great game.

Some people are saying that it has got too much – yes, fans know that they are being sold to all the time, but they will happily buy the odd jersey to show support for their team. It can get to the point though when the fans feel that they are just being used for profit, and at that point the tactic of the odd special jersey loses the impact.

Having said that, I personally like it all, and the fact that fans buy the stuff is how you make your money.
You simply write about how you like your throwback jersey, or maybe don’t like it! Then you send readers on to sites that sell the jerseys, and you get paid commission on any sales that result.

Since this can all be done for free, and centres around your own views, there is nothing to lose or to stop you using this technique, so you can see how you can make money from the NFL throwback jerseys.