The Throwback Jersey of the Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos are not only famous for their wonderful on field playing but also for their throwback uniforms they wear. There are thousands of fans who love to wear their jerseys.The fan following for the team is really incredible. Their fans includes all age groups ranging from the sixties people to young kids. There are different kinds of jerseys and all of them have a good reception from their fans.Fittingly the broncos also give a greater importance to their jerseys right from the beginning they started their career in 1960. Recently the throwback jersey was so popular between the broncos fans. The reason for this was the match among the Broncos and New England Patriots. They wore this throwback jersey to celebrate their fiftieth season in the American Football League. The fans were really excited to see their stars wearing the vintage jersey and playing in front of their eyes.

The color of the throwback jersey is mustard yellow and brown and the helmet is of brown color. This is the jersey they wore in 1960. Before 2009 celebrations they wore this jersey on the thanksgiving match in 2001. On both occasions the reception of the uniform from the fans was pretty good. People started giving the throwback jerseys as gift for the wedding occasion and also for other family ceremonies.

Although there is an enormous and deep support for the throwback jersey at present, the fans of the 1960’s did not love the jersey as they do now. They made some abusive comments and forced the team management to change the design of the jersey. The team held a bonfire to burn the striped socks and made the function as a celebration by introducing their new jersey which is more likely loved by the Denver people.

The replacement uniform for the Broncos was designed by Laura North-Allen. The replacement came in 1962 after two years of criticism. The newly designed uniform consisted of orange helmets, white pants and orange or white jerseys. In 1968 the Broncos introduced a new jersey which was famously know as “Orange Crush” received good response among the fans and they continued wearing this for a long period in many games they played.

However the fame of the throwback could not be beaten by any other uniforms. The old people who saw the 50th anniversary match was taken to their childhood days by the uniforms of the Broncos players. It is a pretty good experience to them. For the kids and the young men who were watching it was like a whole new experience and a rare occasion to witness. Overall the fans were in all sorts of excitement while seeing their team players wearing the vintage costume.